Play Craps Free but Know the Rules

Play Craps Free but Know the Rules

You can play craps 4 free online and on some gambling websites even, as long as you want. Many of these free sites have great game software as well as lots of free credits. So it’s just to start playing the craps game. On some of these sites the craps game software is downloadable, which means that once downloaded you can play craps for free off-line. Many of these free downloadable craps and other game software sites are using Flash players. If you don’t have such software installed, it’s easy to install it for free.

Before you start to play the craps game seriously, it is important to develop a gambling strategy. To be able to do that you need to study the craps game rules. Fortunately Craps rules are simple to understand. The only thing that can be a little difficult to understand in craps are the betting rules. For beginners these can cause a little confusion

The craps game contains

  • a pair of dice.
  • a roller.
  • betting on the outcome of each roll.

When and how to place bets in the Craps game

  • To buy into a craps game a player lays his money on the table and yells “change”
  • The box man then hands over the appropriate amount of chips to the player.
  • To place a bet the player announces his bet to the dealer on his side of the table.
  • The dealer then places the bet in the appropriate location on the table.
  • As soon as a shooter makes a point on the come out roll, the dealers
    place a puck on the board to designate the point. The puck has a black side and a white side. When a point is established, the dealers at the table turn the puck over to the white side and place it on the board next to the point number. The purpose of this puck is to show all betters at the table.

Craps bets that can be placed before the beginning of the game

  • the pass line.
  • don’t pass line.
  • field bets.

Examples of Craps bets that can be placed after the come out roll.

  • the come
  • don’t come
  • big six
  • big eight

Examples of Craps Bets that can last for more than one roll.

  • come bets
  • place bets
  • lay bets