What’s the Best Online Gambling Site for Me?

What’s the Best Online Gambling Site for Me?

Well this question sounds a bit like ‘Who is the best person for me to marry?’ And why not, there is a lot at stake if you end up with the wrong person and in this case a fraudulent gambling site! Like in marriage, there is no ‘one size fits all’ in online gaming as well. You have to do your own homework and arrive at the decision fully aware of the fact that a wrong move can spin your gambling career off-gear.

A few broad hints may however be helpful in making the right choice.

• Go for third party endorsements – There are lots of player resource sites that can give you a lowdown on the various gaming sites available. They even have popularity charts on them to indicate how each one of the participating gaming sites fares on various parameters. Charts like ‘Top 5’ or ‘Top 10’ can help you help you start on your search unless you already have an experienced friend who has tipped you on some reliable sites.

• Check those certifications – While some authentic associations do lend their credibility to the member gaming sites, do remember to take this with a pinch of salt. Not all certifications can pass the acid test and quite a few memberships can be bought off the shelf with no accountability to anyone what so ever.

• Knowing more is good – A legit gaming site will not shy from providing you with all the information about itself, its licensing, and its policies, its payment terms and the like. Take this as a good step towards a possibility of being associated in the future. Honesty always is the best policy.

• Desperately seek out the grumbling! – User forums, message boards, and blogs often provide information on what users have faced in the past and also key information on how the site handled an adverse situation. This information may help you see the actual customer service behind the site, without its frills and pretences. Another step towards confidence building.

• Check if all the lines of communications work – It is your money and you have to be convinced that the people out there are equipped to handle it well. Check out all the contact details given on the website – email, phone, fax etc. Don’t even leave out the toll free number. Make sure they are there available around the clock to answer your questions.

• Do not forget to test drive – Most of the gaming sites provide an option to play without money. Here you can get exposed to all the features that the gaming site has to offer. Once you are comfortable with the software navigation and all the functions that come with it, you may be closer to taking the big decision.